Arches Boxing Gym - City White Collar - East London, Bethnal Green, Whitechapel

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Gym fees and prices

Monthy Fees

Gym and bags

How far could you progress with an unlimited Monthy Gym pass. Arches Boxing and the KO Gym group are not in gym management to make money. We run gyms to help the wider community and for the love of martial arts and boxing. We take pride in developing members as far as they want to go in the sport whether that is ultimately competing at the highest level or merely making it out of the beginners and introduction groups into the one of the higher classes.

We do not force anyone to fight if they do not want to, merely we wish everyone gets what they want from the sport. In our experience members of the gym with monthly passes tend to integrate themselves into the gym family more quickly and ultimately achieve their goals quicker.


All members must pay an annual membership fee of £15.


£75.00 per month - Unlimited access to all classes


£60.00 per month - Unlimited access to all classes

Children and Juniors

£35.00 per month - Unlimited access to all children's classes

Pay as you go

Children - £4.00

Students - £8.00

Adults - £10.00

Personal Training

1 hour 1-2-1 - £50.00

1 hour 2 people - £60.00 (Bring a friend and compete to see who can work harder)

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